School Closure Update

From Monday 30th March, Aston Lodge School will be closed to all students. This is
due to very low numbers of students requiring childcare provision.

However, for those students that require childcare provision, we have made
alternative provision for them to attend Aston Hall Junior and Infant School, Church
Lane, Aston, Sheffield, S26 2AX. The school is open from 8:50am to 2:30pm.

If you require a place for your child, you need to contact Aston Lodge via email or ring Mrs Cronin only if absolutely necessary on
07756912362 the day before (no later than 9pm) so that we can ensure all
appropriate safeguarding measures have been put in place before your child starts
at the school.

This placement at Aston Hall Junior and Infant School, will only be available whilst
your current school is closed. Once Aston Lodge reopens your child would go back

Please remember that Aston Hall Junior and Infant School will be open as an
emergency provision for your child only if it is absolutely necessary and there is no
alternative option other than for you to send them to school. Parents should keep
their children at home. Key worker parents should ensure, where possible, that
students are left at home safely because there is adequate care or they are old
enough and responsible enough to look after themselves. Only when this is not
possible should a key worker parent send their child to school.

By closing schools, we are slowing down the spread of transmission. We all need to
play our part to keep ourselves safe and help reduce the strain on our local NHS

Thank you for your ongoing support during this challenging time.