Exploring Our Environment

In F1, the children have been exploring their new environment. They have been learning what each lab in their classroom is and how to use it. Each morning the children engage in their Maths Meeting session. They count how many children are at school, they find the number on the counting caterpillar on the interactive whiteboard. They discuss the days of the week and the weather for the day. We are so lucky it has been sunny; the children have loved playing outside in the sunshine. In the new outdoor area, they have decided that their first role-play area is going to be an ice-cream parlour! What a great idea, we all love ice-cream.

In Literacy, the children have been reading ‘Owl Babies’. They’ve made and used story props to act out the story and have been learning key phrases from the story “I want my mummy”. The children are learning that owls are nocturnal animals and that means they come out at night-time. They have been painting and making owls from the story in their creative area.