Y6 Project Week

In the last week of term, all classes took part in ‘project week’ which involved the children experiencing a range of challenges and tasks.

Lots of fun and new learning was had by all. Year 6 were given the following tasks to complete:

  • MFL – Children will discuss ‘Why is learning a foreign language useful?’
  • DT – Children will construct the Eiffel Tower in France using newspaper – Who can make it the steadiest and tallest?
  • Art – Children will produce a self-portrait.
  • RE – Children will write a poem about their dreams and aspirations and who in life will help make them a reality.
  • History – A focus on celebrating inspirational Black Sports Personalities. Children will research Jesse Owens and think about why his achievements are so important and how he helped to change the history of Sport.
  • Science – The children will participate in a practical activity centred around ‘Space’. Children will design a space capsule that will safeguard an ‘eggnaut’ as it lands back on Earth.

The children worked really hard and produced some brilliant work, well done Year 6!