Ash Class Update 🏫

Ash class have had an absolutely fantastic first half-term back at school! The children have shown so many areas of PRIDE, but in particular, I have been impressed with their resilience. After so long off from school they have come back ready and eager to learn and this is evident through all of their hard work this term.

Our topic this term has been London. We have learned about different countries in the U.K, we have learned about the seven continents and all about London landmarks. The children really enjoyed D&T this term and loved designing and creating our model of Big Ben as a class! The children all helped to measure out the materials we needed and add all of the details to our finished model. In ICT, we researched London landmarks and the children wrote down facts they found out about Big Ben, The London Eye, and Number 10 Downing Street!

During this last week of term, the school held a curriculum themed week. We have taken part in a project for every subject! In Art, we drew self-portraits using sketching pencils and experimented with how we could use the pencils. We used photographs of ourselves as a guide and had lots of fun!

To celebrate Black History Month, the children learned all about Mo Farrah and wrote their own fact file. The children all decided that Mo Farrah inspired them because he showed resilience and never gave up! The class produced some lovely writing and really enjoyed watching some of Mo Farrah’s races.

For science, the children were tasked with creating a spaceship to protect an egg astronaut from falling from a great height! We linked this activity with this half terms science topic about materials, discussing what material we thought would be most protective for our egg astronaut. As you can see from their faces, the children were so excited and really enjoyed this activity – and you will be pleased to know our experiment was successful as all the eggs survived!

As our R.E project, we learned about the life of Martin Luther King and his dream. As a class, we thought about our hopes and dreams and what we might want to be when we grow up. The children came up with some lovely dreams, with one of the children even aspiring to be prime minister so they could help homeless people!

On Thursday, the school had a fancy dress day for Halloween. The children looked amazing and loved showing off their outfits to their friends. In the afternoon the children designed their own pumpkin and took part in a sweetie treasure hunt on the playground. This was a lovely afternoon.

Overall it really has been a fantastic half-term and I can’t wait to get stuck in with the children again next half-term when we begin learning about The Great Fire of London! Well done Ash class, you are all little superstars and I am feeling very proud of you all!