Beech Class’ Curriculum Week

Beech Class had a fantastic time taking part in Curriculum Week. We learnt about a lot of different things and had a lot of fun doing it!

For Black History Month, we learnt about Muhammad Ali and how he changed the world of sports. We watched videos of him, read books and looked him up on the internet. We used this information to create a fact file based on him. We also linked this to Art and learnt how to use lines and shading using different pencils.

For DT we built the Eiffel Tower out of Art Straws. First, we learnt about the Eiffel Tower and then we set to work. It was incredibly difficult but we worked in pairs and ended up with some fantastic work!

For Science we built space capsules to protect an ‘eggnaut’. We were given time to design our capsules first before making them. We used lots of different materials and tried to make sure our ‘eggnauts’ would land safely. After we made them, we dropped them from a height and checked to make sure they survived. They were absolutely fab and not a single ‘eggnaut’ broke!



In Art we created self-portraits. We spent some time looking at drawing the features of the face before putting them altogether to create our own self portrait. We used to oil pastels to shade them in.


In RE we researched Martin Luther King and read his inspirational ‘I have a dream’ poem. We thought about out own dreams, how we could achieve them and who could help us.


In ICT, we created world cloud that represented us as a class. We thought about what makes us unique and why we are special. We put all these words together to create a Class World Cloud!

We had a fantastic week and we already can’t wait to do it again next term!