Strive For Pride 🦁

End of half term – Class Reward

End of full term  – Choice of Raffle Prize

In addition to the half termly cinema experience and the chance to win the termly £100 raffle draw, classes with the highest weekly percentage of pupils achieving Strive for Five will enjoy an extra playtime and some sweet treats. Students who have not contributed to the achievement of the class, will not participate.

What’s the Criteria?

Home Learning completed either English or Maths and handed in on time each week

3 reads each week

Completed LCWC spelling sheet

Timetables/Rock Stars accessed 

Children are expected to read three times at home over the week. Reads will be counted from Friday night to the following Friday morning.

Only one read a day will be counted for meeting ‘Strive for Pride’ (Except Fridays) An adult, over 16 years old, must hear your child read and sign their planner. Your child doesn’t have to read their school book, they can read a book from home, a comic or eBook – record what they have read in their planner.

To encourage independence children are responsible for changing their reading book or identifying that it needs changing and making sure they take it home. In the event that your child does not bring their reading book home then use it as an opportunity to read a book from home, visit the library, buy a comic or magazine, read an eBook.

Weekend reads should be recorded on the notes page. (see example below) If you hear your child read but have been unable to sign their planner, please contact the class teacher via dojo.

Check planners/reading each Friday: Reads will be ticked/numbered/dated No reads – a line will be put through the day (This is to eliminate reads being backdated).

At the end of each week, a smiley face will be given if your child has achieved ‘Strive for Pride’. If your child has not qualified, it will also say why they have not qualified this week Children’s reads, homework, spellings, timetables.

To further support our children and families to succeed we are introducing the ‘Second Chance’ system where, throughout the year, pupils will be given a second chance to achieve their ‘Strive for Pride’ each full term. Each time a second chance is used, this will be recorded in pupils’ planners or reading records.

If you have any queries about your child’s ‘Strive for Pride’, please speak to the class teacher as soon as possible.

End of Year Reward

Additional to the half-termly class reward and termly raffle we will be rewarding the children who achieve the above criteria and have an attendance of 96%+ an end of year surprise reward.