Letter of Thanks

Just a short message to acknowledge the solidarity, resilience and kindest of our school community. We have been amazed by the parents/carers who have taken the time to either message, email or ring to thank us for our rapid response to lockdown and level of support that has been given to them. These messages have boosted teacher morale massively and I personally feel incredibly proud of the hard work and resilience that all the staff have demonstrated again at Aston Lodge Primary School. This has helped to minimise the disruption of school closures and ensure a high-quality education for all our students.

We have been overwhelmed and touched by parents, carers and extended family who have generously donated devices to school to support other families that may be struggling with accessing live lessons, have sent treats in for staff and rang to see if there is any other way that they can support the school.

We are grateful for your continued support during these challenging times and we will continue as a school to do our best to work with you to meet the needs of all our families.

Kind Regards
Mrs. Cronin