Outstanding Poetry ๐Ÿ–‹

In English, the children have been writing poems about an animal of their choice.

Ronnie has written a poem about ‘The Wolf,’ which we all wanted to share with you. We were especially impressed with Ronnie’s quality use of language. Well done Ronnie!


When you see the moonlight beast
You need to dash or you’ll be his feast.
The stardust fur, the silver mane
All emerging to bring the pain.
So soft, so hairy but dangerous fluff
Man’s best friend? What a bluff.
If youโ€™re out in the woods and you hear a crunch

It’s probably having limbs for lunch!
Those fangs of his, sharper than knives
Every day taking even more lives.
The wolf is the predator, never the prey
He will leave all others deceased in the hay. Whilst youโ€™re lying there, asleep in your bed the wolf starts searching, he needs to be fed

Under the moon, he starts to howl
The time has come to start his prowl.
So when the day is done, and the sun has ceased Always look out for the silver maned beast.