Hazel Class Home Learning

Hazel Class had a very busy last two weeks to finish off a full half term of home-learning! Mrs Howarth-Smith and Mrs French are amazed at how well children and families have done in these difficult circumstances. They hope that after the half-term break children are ready to start again and will continue to impress us with their resilience and determination.

During the last two weeks, we have continued our learning in Maths around multiplication and division – we’re getting very good at this now! We have written non-chronological reports in English and have also written letters to our MP, explaining how the school closure is affecting us – we hope to get a reply.

We have also continued work in Science, learning about the human body, focussing on our skeleton and our muscular systems. We have enjoyed time in the snow and marked ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ by getting creative, spending time outdoors, and having a non-screen day. We have made some great Viking Longships in Design and Technology. Here are a few pictures of just some of the fabulous work Hazel Class have completed in the last two weeks of half term.