Science Week

British Science Week took place between 5-14th March 2021 and Aston Lodge loved getting involved in this event. Children explored what Scientists are like and what skills and qualities they need.

They learned that Scientists are a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds and working in many different fields.

Children then put their own Scientific skills to the test by developing their observation skills, planting a school allotment in raised beds, and planning and carrying out fair tests around the theme of plants. Year 6 looked at the school grounds and explored sustainable schools. They then looked at how we could innovate for the future to make schools more sustainable environments. We all really enjoyed the week – maybe some of us will be inspired to be the Scientists of the future.

Ash Class Y1/2
Went on a nature walk to see what plants grow around the school. We touched on what plants need to grow – this will be our focus topic in Summer! We looked at famous inventors and learned that inventors are people full of questions! We thought about what we could invent and came up with some very creative inventions.

Beech Class – Y2/3
Beech class spent time planting in the allotment outside, and in-class they investigated how water is transported through plants.

Hazel Class – Y/4

Hazel Class explored what we thought a Scientist was like and discussed our own stereotypes when thinking about Scientists. We learnt that Scientists are a diverse group of people that have many different roles. We learnt about some particular types of Scientists and their jobs.

We also thought about the skills and qualities that Scientists would need. We put our own Scientific skills to the test by developing our observation skills – we looked very closely at seeds and compared them, looking for similarities and differences in seeds from the same variety. We then planned and carried out a fair test to discover if the type of water used to water seeds would affect how well the seeds would grow. We are observing and recording our results.

Holly Class – Y5
Worked on a SCIENCE INVESTIGATION: Which seeds germinate the quickest when grown in the ‘right’ conditions?

Sycamore Class – Y6

Focussed on the innovation of schools. In line with the poster competition, the children have explored ‘sustainability’ and how schools can innovate in the future to support sustainability. After exploring the term ‘sustainability’, the children explored our school grounds to see how our school is supporting sustainability.

Sycamore class are entering the British Science week competition by designing and producing detailed posters which promote their ideas of ‘schools of the future’ with ways to make the world a better place.