A Better Future

Sycamore class took part in an exclusive session called ‘ Learning about the past to make a better future: a conversation with Holocaust Survivor Eva Schloss’ During this hour-long online session the children learned about Anti- Semitism in the past and how it continues to have an impact today as people continue to be victims of prejudice and discrimination because of their faith.

The class had the opportunity to hear Eva Schloss (Auschwitz survivor and step-sister of Anne Frank) talk about her experiences but also her hopes for the future and the role young people play in that.

As Eva herself says, ‘as young people, we have a responsibility to learn about others and recognise one human race. It is so important to understand and respect other people; the more informed we are and the more we embrace our differences the less there is to be afraid or scared of’.

After the event students were invited to take an Anti-Bullying Pledge.