Ash Class: “We have had a fabulous week full of learning!”

Ash class have had a fantastic first week back at school! We have been learning all about weight and mass. We had great fun with the balance scales and experimented with weighing things we could find around the classroom. The children were excellent at using the correct mathematical vocabulary such as heavier and lighter! We have also been learning how to measure mass by using non-standard units of measurement. We could not believe it when we decided to measure a remote control that had a mass of 50 cubes!

In Geography we have begun our learning about Woodlands and Forests. We have looked at the features of a woodland and things that may be found in a woodland. To link to our geography topic, in computing we used Google Maps to explore our school and around our local area. The children had lots of fun looking for things around school that they could recognise – we also saw some things that you may find in a woodland, such as trees and grass!

We have had a fabulous week full of learning and the children have all come back with a huge smile on their faces. A big well done to each and every child in Ash class, keep up the good work!