Beech Class’ First Week Back After Easter!

Beech Class have had a superb first week back! In Maths we started the week by using cubes to find equal and unequal parts of numbers. We then used this to help our understanding of fractions and children have used their knowledge of division to help them find half and a quarter of shapes and numbers!
In Geography this week we learnt all about the Oceans of the World. We used an atlas to locate the oceans and spent time investigating which continents these were next too. After we learnt how to use a compass and used this skill to write sentences about where the oceans and continents were located.
In Science we started our new topic of light. We learnt this week that light comes from a light source and is reflected into our eye. We know that we need to have light to see and we also learnt about which materials reflect light and which do not. After we had finished our work, we used the chromebooks to do some research on light! We read several books on MyOn and have impressed Miss Hamilton with all of our new knowledge!
Finally, this week we have spent time doing some DT and Art. In DT we started to design our beach buggies, which we are incredibly excited to make! Mrs Marsh helped us to learn all about mixing colours to create secondary colours, and we even managed to create our own colour wheel!
A massive well done to all children this week for their hard work! A special well done to Callum who won Pride Award for his use of compass skills across all subjects, and Violet who won her 150 Pride point award!