Space with Sycamore

Sycamore class has had a very busy first week back. The children were excited to see what their new learning would look like over the next few weeks.

After completing a KWL grid (what I already know, what I want to learn and what I learned) to find out what they already know about each topic, the children explored their new knowledge organisers. Each lesson the children will enjoy working with their peers to learn the key facts from the knowledge organiser through quizzes and games.

In Science the children will be learning about the solar system, the moon and tides, gravity, geocentrism and heliocentrism and the work of Galileo. Linking to our science topic of Space, in history the children will be learning about space exploration Рthey will study about the Space Race, the Moon Landing and the work of astronauts/scientists such as Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin and Sally Ride.

In Design Technology, the children will research, plan, make and evaluate a simple moon buggy which can carry 3 moon rocks (rubbers) AND provide a smooth ride, at a steady speed with the straightest line of travel.(example of knowledge organiser is attached but please see all knowledge organisers on our Year 6 page).

What a fun, busy term of learning Year 6 will have! Watch this space for updates of learning!¬† (space pun intended) ūüĆĆūüõį