Out in the Sunshine

This week in Ash Class, we have had a lovely sunny week full of learning.

The children have particularly blown my socks off with their writing this week! We planned and wrote our own version of Jim and the Beanstalk and the effort they put into their writing was astounding. I am so, so proud of each and every one of them!

In Science, we planted our very own bean plant. We have been watering this each day and filling in our bean plant diary to find out how a plant changes over time. We also looked at the parts of a plant and what each function was – we were lucky enough to get to dissect a very beautiful lily flower! We spent the afternoon in the sunshine and had lots of fun looking closely at different plants.

In D&T, we have been weaving! We planned our design by thinking about what colours we might use to inspire our woodland weaving. We thought of lots of different colours such as green, brown, yellow and blue. The children did such a great job at this and the end result was amazing!

Another huge well done to Ash Class – you are all superstars!