Hazel Class had a good first week back at school after the Spring Break.

ENGLISH – In English, we were reading about Fantastically Great Women who changed the World. I was very impressed with the level of discussion that went on around the inspirational people in this book and the children’s responses to their achievements. We found out about Rosa Parks – who stood up for her rights by sitting down and was influential in changing opinions about how black people were treated. We learned about Emiline Pankhurst who was influential in changing the laws that stopped women from voting and about Ann Frank and her wartime diary amongst others. Please ask your children to tell you about these amazing women.

Maths – In maths, Y3 children were continuing their work on fractions and Y4 were continuing to work on decimals. We also completed an end of Year Maths assessment.

Geography/Sherwood Pines – The children enjoyed participating in some map work using both Google Earth and an Ordnance Survey map to find out about the location of Sherwood Pines where we will be visiting on Tuesday 15th. We are looking forward to our trip where we will be participating in the ‘Go Ape – Treetop Adventure’ in the morning and completing some Geography Fieldwork in the afternoon

Music – Children also enjoyed starting to learn some Samba rhythms in music with Mrs Bingham.

Pride Winners – Owen was proud to have the PRIDE trophy on his desk after being voted by his Classmates as the person in the class who always follows the Aston Lodge Way and shows all areas of PRIDE – well done Owen.  This was very well deserved and I was so proud that the children in the class voted so fairly and acknowledged your positive commitment.

Last week we had two weekly PRIDE winners – Sonny and Ewan who both took great care in the presentation of their geography work on the layers of the rainforest. They both really enjoyed this learning and this showed in their work – well-done boys!

Darcie achieved her Gold Pride award for 150 PRIDE points and Jaylen received his Accelerated Reader – Ready Reader award 2 whilst Francisse received her Independent Reader award from Accelerated Reader.

The children who earned a raffle ticket for striving for PRIDE each week last half term enjoyed a well-earned reward of ice cream.