New Sycamore Class’ Summer Transition!

Our transition week has been packed full of activities, which have allowed me to get to know the children and class ready for next year. Mrs Dean has been working alongside me; telling me everything I need to know about you and helping me to find things in a brand-new classroom.

We started off with a PSHE lesson, where the children highlighted their dreams and goals for their final year at Aston Lodge Primary. They thought of some really amazing things that they would like to work towards, but also spoke about any worries they had about moving into year 6. I then spoke to them about their worries and told them about how we could overcome them. We had a chat about what school I had come from, my hobbies and family – and they did the same. They even produced a PowerPoint all about themselves for me to read over the holidays!

In between all that, we have been preparing some art work for a display next year. Our artist focus was Andy Warhol, who the children could identify as the famous pop artist. All week they have been building upon their art skills: they have produced a colour wheel, which highlighted primary, secondary and tertiary colours; an artist’s wardrobe, which showcased what a ‘tint’ and ‘shade’ was with paint; and mixed their own, bright colours, with the powder paint, to create their final piece. They look absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see all of their work on display.

They have shown lots of resilience, in what has been a very busy last week. Transition has gone really well and I cannot wait for the year ahead: to see how much progress they will make. Well done Y5 (or should I say…our new Y6’s!)

Miss Jenkinson and Mrs Dean.