Beech Class Update – Our First Week

Wow, what an amazing first full week back! Beech Class have impressed me with their attitude towards their learning this week, especially because it has been such a busy week.
In Maths this week we have been learning about tens and ones, representing numbers visually. They have excelled in this and have shown me they have a strong understanding of place value.
In English, we started our new book called ‘China’. We learnt lots about meal times, city life and the Chinese New Year. We will use all this information to write a recount next week as if we are a child living in China!
In Geography, we located Rotherham and Darwin on a world map. We looked at some photos and made some predictions about what it might be like there. Darwin looked amazing but a couple of us were scared by the sea!
In Art, we learnt about different shading techniques. We also compared the artists Andy Goldsworthy and Henry Matisse. They were both very different artists but both of them used pencils to create sketches of landscapes.
In Music, we learnt about rhythm and used this knowledge to create different rhythms for African wild animals.
In PSHE, we learnt all about our rights and responsibilities. We have a right to keep ourselves safe, clean and happy. We have the responsibility to keep our classroom tidy and be kind to others.
In Science, we learnt about habitats. We looked at the arctic, rainforests, deserts and the oceans. We learnt about the different animals that live in each of these habitats and why they live there.
Finally, in PE we did some ball skills with Mr Snaith. We all really enjoyed this and already can’t wait for next week.
Why not ask your child about some of their learning this week? Some key questions might include:
Where is Rotherham?
Where is Darwin?
What are the 4 main habitats around the world?
Why do Christians celebrate Easter?
We’ve had an amazing week and we already can’t wait to get stuck into next week’s learning. Keep up the amazing work Beech Class!