Ash Class Update

Ash class have had a fantastic week of learning this week! In maths, we have been comparing numbers using mathematical vocabulary such as less than, greater than, and equal to. We even begun using symbols to do this! The children were brilliant at this and explored this practically during our maths lesson.

In Science, the children couldn’t believe their eyes when Miss Cotterill showed them some school CCTV of an alien landing in our playground! Zog the alien left us a letter – he wanted to know all about the Earth, Sun and Moon. We learned the shape of the Earth, Sun and Moon, as well as ordering them by their size. Zog wanted to know which planet was best for him to live on, as he needed air to breathe, and water to drink!

Ash class completed some amazing work in Science and concluded that Zog would need to live on Earth as we already know that The Moon has no air or water.

Well done Ash class!