Beech Class Update

Beech Class have had an extremely busy week this week!

In Science, we have been busy learning how to build circuits. We learnt about how to make a circuit and then we moved on to making them ourselves. Miss Hamilton gave us some pictures of circuits and we had to predict if they would work to light up the bulb or not. After, we made each circuit to test if our prediction was correct or not.

This week was also Children’s Mental Health Week and we celebrated this in school. On Wednesday we could wear whatever we wanted to express ourselves. Some of us came in pyjamas, football shirts and onesies.

On Thursday we took part in a mental health workshop where we learnt all about expressing our worries and not keeping them bottled up. We also learnt about ways that we can take care of our own well-being and how we could start to use these things every day.

An amazing week Beech Class – well done!