Hazel Class – Farmer Time

Hazel Class are regularly linking with a farmer in Nottinghamshire through ‘Farmer Time’. Farmer Time is all about harnessing the power of digital communications to inspire, engage and educate young people about the journey of food from farm to form. We have been matched with Farmer Joe!
Farmer Joe is an arable farmer in Nottinghamshire. We have been meeting with him virtually via Google meet and he has shown us around some areas of his farm, taught us a little about the crops that he grows, and introduced us to his farm dog. The children are really enjoying meeting with Farmer Joe and were very excited during our Geography lesson this week when they could find not only the county they live in, but also the county of Nottinghamshire where Farmer Joe lives. 
Farmer Joe has agreed to send us some seeds so we can have a go at planting and growing some of the crops he grows on his farm. We are looking forward to receiving them through the post. To find out more about Farmer Time follow this link: https://leaf.eco/farmertime/home