Beech Class at Manga

This week Beech Class went to Magna on our school trip. This linked to our Science learning and we learnt, even more, when we were there.

We started by taking part in a circuits workshop. We were set the challenge to get a small dress to dry by including a fan in our circuit. We also had to add in a buzzer, bulb and switch. Afterwards, we learnt about conductors and insulators. We were even able to use metal spoons and water to allow the current to flow around the circuit.

After our workshop, we spent the rest of the day exploring Magna. We visited the four pavilions: air, water, earth and fire. We spent a lot of time watching the fire tornado, although it did get very hot! We also spent a lot of time in the water pavilion and this meant that we got very wet.

In the middle of our exploring, we watched the Big Melt. This explained to us how Magna used to be an old steelwork and how they used to manufacture the steel. There were lots of loud bangs and flashing sparks.

It was a great trip and we learnt a lot about science that we can use in our learning back at school.