Money Matters

Last half term, Aston Lodge Primary held a whole-school ‘Money Matters’ week. Here at Lodge, we believe all children should learn financial skills. Teaching money equips children with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money effectively now and in the future.

In the early years, children practically explored money through roleplaying shop scenarios. We began by asking, ‘What is money and where does it come from?’ before considering, ‘Can we afford to buy certain things?’ In later key stage 1, we moved on to looking at how we use money, save it and earn it. The Key stage 2 children explored issues around paying taxes and spending money wisely. Holly class particularly enjoyed learning how exchange rates work and how to exchange money when visiting other countries with different currencies.

We consider finance education to be hugely important. Money has its place within the maths curriculum but by regularly delivering ‘Money Matters’ weeks, we believe we are offering the children an opportunity to consider deeper, more meaningful questions. Well done to all the children for a fantastic week of ‘Money Matters’.

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