Miss Burtton & Mrs Morton Y4 Round Up

Here is the learning for the Y4 children:

This week, in English, we have been reading the text: ‘Science: Fascinating Facts and exploring explanation texts in preparation for writing our own explanation text: ‘Who were the Anglo-Saxons?’ We have also been learning about the possessive apostrophe!!

In maths, we have been learning about column addition and column subtraction and we are now ready to progress to column subtraction with multiple exchanges. The children are also working incredibly hard to learn all of their time’s tables in preparation for their year 4 multiplication check, which will take place in June next year!

In history, we have enjoyed being historians and exploring historical sources in order to find out that it was the Anglo-Saxons who brought Christianity to Britain and built the first churches.

Of course, today, we have all been on our trip to Crowden in order to explore the stunning national park that is the ‘Peak District.’ I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Finally, here are some questions to ask your child this week.
1. Name three features of an explanation text.
2. What is the difference between the singular apostrophe and the plural apostrophe?
3. When did the Anglo-Saxon period end?
4. What is a food chain?
5. Name some physical and human features of the Peak District