Y5 Round Up

Here is the learning for the Y5 children:

This week, in English, we have been continuing to read our novel ‘Room 13’ and exploring explanation texts in preparation for writing our own explanation text: ‘How do humpback whales use bubble-net fishing?

In maths, we have been learning about column addition and column subtraction and we have even been working out calculations with missing numbers by using the inverse (opposite) operation!

In history, we have enjoyed being historians and exploring historical sources in order to find out why the Maya people built their temples.

Of course, today, we have all been on our trip to Crowden in order to explore the stunning national park that is the ‘Peak District.’ I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Finally, here are some questions to ask your child this week.

  1. Name three features of an explanation text.
  2. What is the novel ‘Room 13’ all about?
  3. Why did the Maya people build temples and what was their belief system like?
  4. What is gravity and how does the moon’s gravity affect the tides of the ocean?
  5. Name some physical and human features of the Peak District.