Miss Tims FS2 Roundup

In Phonics we have started back at the beginning of our Set 1 sounds. We are now focusing on reading and writing a CVC word containing our sound of the day as well as formation. In phonics this week we are recapping d, t, i, n.

In English, we are discussing Remembrance Day. We will be making Poppies and a class display in remembrance. We will be watching the Cbeebies Poppies video, discussing what the video represents and why it is important.

In maths, we are continuing to explore the numbers 1, 2, and 3. We will be working on subitising (looking at an amount and saying the number without needing to touch count) and formation.

This week we will be doing Computing. We will be exploring how to use the program ‘Paint’ to create a firework picture.

Finally, here are some questions to ask your child this week.
1. Why do we wear Poppies?
2. On your fingers, can you show me the number…1, 2, 3