Year 1/2

Ash really enjoyed our outdoor learning day. We searched for minibeast, made bug hotels, made clay faces, and used the litter pickers to pick up litter on our school playground.

A couple of weeks ago, Ash Class learned about different seasons in Science. We named each season before discussing the features of each. The children then explained which season was their favorite and why. The children then used natural materials to create land art.

Last Thursday the children enjoyed working in small groups to explore a range of plants, wild flowers and flowers. We discussed the names of the flowers before discussing the different parts of the flower and what they need to grow. 

Congratulations to Alfie for achieving pride this week for his amazing writing of a setting description.

Last week we took part in a road safety workshop with South Yorkshire Safer Roads. We learnt about how to stay safe near the road, how to cross the road safely plus many safety tips.

'Science Week - As part of science week the children really enjoyed listening to the Jack and the Beanstalk story. The children were really excited when they received a letter from Jack asking for help on how to plant a bean. The children wrote a set of instructions before planting beans.'
The children in Ash Class worked in small groups to find and use natural materials to create a habitat for one of the characters from the Gruffalo. We also discussed the different types of materials using our knowledge and key vocabulary to describe their properties.
Children in Ash Class really enjoyed their Afternoon Tea with their grown up's. The children sang some songs and made a Mothers Day card for their mum and carers.
'Last week Ash Class enjoyed an educational visit to Euerka (National Science Museum for Children). The children explored the different galleries: All about me, Sound and Light, Garage and Home, and Bank and Shop. The children also enjoyed participating in the Gross Lab Science show too.'

As part of our PSHE lesson ‘Dreams and Goals’ we have been learning about how to set simple goals, overcome challenges, and discussing different strategies to become successful. We had to work in partners to draw around each other’s hands, before cutting it out and designing a flower in the middle. Then we had to […]