Year 1/2

We recently took part in the daily mile, along with the rest of the school and lots of other schools across the country. We really enjoyed getting outdoors and getting active. We thought about plenty of reasons why exercise is important – such as keeping you healthy and fit, making you feel happier, and making […]

Wow! What an amazing week. In Maths, we have begun our unit on Multiplication and Division. We started by recapping our counting in 2's, 5's, and 10's to help us count in groups! The children have blown me away with their skills in counting, some children even being able to count backward from 100 in [...]
This week in Ash Class, we have had a lovely sunny week full of learning. The children have particularly blown my socks off with their writing this week! We planned and wrote our own version of Jim and the Beanstalk and the effort they put into their writing was astounding. I am so, so proud [...]
Ash class have had a fantastic first week back at school! We have been learning all about weight and mass. We had great fun with the balance scales and experimented with weighing things we could find around the classroom. The children were excellent at using the correct mathematical vocabulary such as heavier and lighter! We [...]

Ash class had a fantastic last week of home learning. In celebration of World Book Day, the children took part in 3 non-screen days in which they completed some very creative challenges all based around their favourite book!

This week in Ash class we have been writing the solution to our problem that we wrote last week – the children had some fab ideas and really enjoyed playing ‘spot the solution and problem’ game in our live lesson! We learned more about co-ordinating conjunctions and how to use them in our writing. For […]

Another week of home learning, and another week of being blown away by Ash class’s amazing effort and resilience!

Wow! What a fantastic week of home learning children in Ash class have had. This week in particular has been an amazing week for writing – just look at the fabulous work the children have produced!

A huge well done to each and every child in Ash class, whether they are at home or school. The children have been resilient and determined in their learning, and as always, they have taken on home learning in their stride and have put in so much effort with their work. I am so proud [...]

Ash class have had a fantastic last week of term. First, the children were shocked to discover Ernie The Elf was back – turns out he was late this year due to being stuck in isolation!