Year 2/3

Last week Beech Class had a rugby session with Sheffield Hallam. We learnt lots of the skills needed to play rugby but most importantly we had lots of fun. We started with a warm-up before we learnt how to properly throw the rugby ball. This was a bit harder than we thought as we'd never [...]
This week Beech Class went to Magna on our school trip. This linked to our Science learning and we learnt, even more, when we were there. We started by taking part in a circuits workshop. We were set the challenge to get a small dress to dry by including a fan in our circuit. We [...]
Beech Class have had an extremely busy week this week! In Science, we have been busy learning how to build circuits. We learnt about how to make a circuit and then we moved on to making them ourselves. Miss Hamilton gave us some pictures of circuits and we had to predict if they would work [...]

Well done to Kailtin, Lexie, and Jacob who all achieved their 100 Dojo Point award this week. Keep up the amazing work!

A big well done to Riley who won Pride this week for always doing the right thing. Riley has shown so much motivation recently for his learning. He is always doing the right thing, whether that is in Maths, English, or a foundation subject. Keep up the great work Riley!

Last week Beech Class took part in Number Day. We all dressed up in clothes with numbers on, we had lots of football shirts and some lovely homemade t-shirts too. In Maths we played some dice maths games in our pairs and then we had the chance to compete on Times Tables Rockstars! Some of [...]

Well done to Ethan, Riley and Harry who all won their 100 Dojo Point award this week. Keep up the fantastic learning!

Well done to Lucas who won our Pride Award this week. He won it for writing an excellent seaside-themed poem. A big well done Lucas for all of your hard work! The Seaside – By LucasWe heard the cold, fast crashing waves,Then we saw the deep, dark creepy caves. We felt the crab-like golden sand,Then we heard an amazing, […]

Although it’s been a few weeks since Christmas, we wanted to share what we got up to for our DT Christmassy Treats Project 2021! We washed our hands and rolled up our sleeves to create some delicious chocolatey treats – such as chocolate lollies and coins.  The whole primary – from EYFS to Y6 – […]

Well done to Annabelle who won a Roblox Voucher after winning the Strive for Pride prize for Autumn term in Beech Class. This meant that Annablle read 3 times each week, completed her homework and spellings, went on Times Table Rockstar, and brought everything she needed each day. Well done Annabelle!