Year 5

A massive thank you to Luke in Year 5 who has very kindly volunteered to make face masks for the staff at school. We are very proud of you Luke. Well done!
Mollie from Holly class year 5 - singing for The Voice Academy. We are so proud to have such a talented singer in our school. Well done Mollie!
Last month,  Year 5 children had a fabulous time on the climbing wall at Cranworth. All the children showed great perseverance and resilience and they should all be extremely proud of themselves. Well done Holly class!!
We have had an 'egg-siting- time today in Science. We have identified the different parts of an egg and their features.
We have had an amazing day with RUFC. The rain didn't stop us enjoying ourselves! We have designed our own games, taken part in a dodgeball tournament, played football in the inflatable pitch, designed a football kit, had a penalty shoot out and much more! What a good job it's the weekend!
Look at Ebony’s amazing recreation of a piece of artwork by Banksy to link with our science work about Jane Goodall.
We have been using place value counters to subtract. This has really helped us to become secure with exchanging and understanding the values of each digit in larger numbers.
As part of our work with RUFC, we have been exploring the different food groups and learning about how to stay healthy.
We used digit cards to make numbers up to one million and compare them using greater than and less than. We can now read these large numbers and explain what each digit represents.
We have been researching graffiti artists to help us conclude "Is Graffiti Art?" We explored the work of Bansky and Keith Haring to help us write balanced arguments.