Year 5

Today Leo, Ronnie, Jay, Libbie, Emily, Elizabeth, and Meadow achieved their reading award from Accelerated Reader. Well done! 📚 👍

Well done to Phoebie for achieving her silver award for 100 pride points.

Travis is making excellent progress in his learning and he has taken on board all the teacher feedback that he has been given. Well done Travis.

Year 5 children have been extremely busy taking part in problem solving activities as part of number day. They have also taken part in the TT Number Day Rockstars challenge. A fun day has certainly been had by all they have really got themselves engrossed in the challenges! Well done Year 5!

A massive well done to Ronnie, Erin and Beth who have achieved their 100 pride point certificate. Keep up the excellent work!

Well done to both Elizabeth and Jude who have been awarded a pride certificate this week. Jude has had an excellent attitude to learning this week and he has tried especially hard to improve the presentation of his work. Elizabeth’s work is always of the highest standard and she is always a lovely friend to […]

This morning, Year 5 took part in the England daily mile in order to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity on improving mental health and wellbeing.

This week, Year 5 have been investigating how the shadow of an object changes during the course of the day. They worked collaboratively in pairs to measure each other's shadow at specific times during the day: 10:00am, 12:00pm and 2:00pm. They learnt that the shadow changes length during the course of the day as a [...]

🥈 Congratulations to Ella and Libbie who have achieved their silver award for 100 pride points. Well done girls! 🥉 Well done to Bobbie who has achieved her 50 pride points bronze certificate. Keep up the amazing work!

Year 5 children have had an excellent first week back after the Easter holidays and they have enjoyed the initial introduction to the topic 'Stargazer.' The children engaged in lots of in-depth discussions and they wrote lots of questions on their KWL grids that they wanted to find out about the topic. The children are [...]