Foundation Stage

Welcome to Little Oaks!

Little Oaks is our fantastic new Foundation Unit. Inside our unit will be FS1 (Nursery) and FS2 (Reception) combined. We have been working extremely hard during these difficult circumstances to create a stimulating learning environment for our youngest children. Since the lockdown, we have revamped our outdoor area which now includes a tee-pee reading area, an incredible race track and new climbing equipment. We can not wait to see your smiling little faces, exploring our new learning labs and having fun!

Meet your Teachers

Hello! My name is Miss Tims and I am your Class Teacher.

I am the Teacher and Early Years Lead for FS1 and FS2 at Aston Lodge. This is my first year teaching at Aston Lodge so I am just as excited as you are to get back into school and to start exploring!

I love to play sports – I used to play Netball for South Yorkshire, eating chocolate, watching Disney films, going to the gym, travelling around the world, being around dogs and of course, teaching in the Early Years!

Hi, I’m Miss Rodgers, I am a Nursery Teacher at Aston Lodge!

I live with my Fiancé and 2 sons and I am getting married in October 2022 which I am super excited about! I have 2 chickens called Sally and Amelia and a tortoise called Alfie.  My favourite colours are grey and black and I love Haribo and mint flavoured chocolates.

B. Timms

Miss Tims

KBroadhead - Teaching Assistant-min

Mrs Broadhead

NWilkinson - Teaching Assistant-min

Mrs Wilkinson

B. Rodgers

Miss Rodgers

Hello! Our names are Mrs Broadhead and Mrs Wilkinson and we are your Teaching Assistants.

Hello, I am Mrs Broadhead. I am the Teaching Assistant for Foundation at Aston Lodge. I am a big Disney fan, my favourite character is Stitch. My favourite colour is pink. I like going on sunny holidays. I absolutely love cake – I could eat it for my breakfast if I could!

Hello, I am Mrs Wilkinson. I am the Nursery Nurse at Aston Lodge. I love to visit new places travelling by plane, boat, train and by car. My favourite place is Disneyland Paris, I have been there 3 times so far! I enjoy shopping for new clothes and shoes, walking, eating out and going on holidays.

Class Information

FS1 Morning Session Times

8:30am to 11:30am

(Door closes at 8:40am)

FS1 Afternoon Session Times

12:00pm to 3:00pm

(Door closes at 12:10pm)

FS2 Session Times

8:40am to 3:00pm

Children will need an indoor and outdoor PE kit which includes; a plain white t-shirt, black or navy shorts, black or navy tracksuit bottoms (outdoor PE) and trainers or pumps. PE kit should be brought into school on a Monday and it will be sent home on a Friday.

Every Friday the children will engage in ‘Challenge Friday’ where they will spend the morning completing challenges set by Super Ted. As a reward for completing all the challenges, the children will be treated with baking in the afternoon. We ask parents to make a small, voluntary contribution to the cost of our weekly baking sessions.

In our first Autumn term, we would like to give a very warm welcome to the new children who have joined us and a welcome back to those children who were with us in FS1. We hope to have an enjoyable first term in our Foundation Unit, getting to know your children, building on their learning opportunities and experiences and settling into routines of school life! Our first topic in Foundation is ‘Me and My World’.

Foundation Stage 1:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be working hard to settle the new children who have joined us into the FS1 setting. We will be focusing on working as a whole group, turn taking, sharing and building friendships. We will also be seeking and delighting in new experiences, having a positive approach to activities, and demonstrating a sense of pride in their own achievements. We will also encourage children to carry-out various self-registration tasks, praising their efforts, to emphasise the significance of the process to promote their sense of belonging as well as name recognition.


This area covers a range of skills such as language, reading and writing. We will be aiming to listen to and join in with stories and show an interest in the illustrations. We will also be developing our writing skills through children’s own mark-making interests, aiming for children to give meaning to the marks they make. We sing Nursery Rhymes on a daily basis which brings in the initial recognition and enjoyment of rhyming activities and we will be working on our listening skills in preparation to our Set 1 ‘Read Write Inc’ phonics program. One of the key aspects at this stage of phonics is the use and understanding of rhyme and alliteration. This will remain a key focus across various activities and areas of learning, through the use of discussion, games, stories and songs.


We will be practising our counting skills, using them in familiar contexts (e.g. nursery rhymes, number games, role-play etc.) to give meaning to numbers and counting. Maths is an important aspect of learning, it is therefore evident in all of the different areas of the classroom from construction, through to the snack area. This will also build upon the children’s ability to recognise numerals in the environment. A further key focus will be shape recognition; this will be implemented through the use of shape hunts and the provision of shape-based activities.

Foundation Stage 2:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be working hard to settle the children into the school routine. We will be focusing on working as a whole group, turn-taking, sharing and building friendships. The children will be working towards to speak to others about their own needs, wants, interests and opinions; to play cooperatively taking turns with others; becoming aware of the boundaries set, and of behavioural expectations in the setting; and making conversations with others, asking questions.


Literacy incorporates reading and writing skills in a variety of fun, exciting and sometimes messy activities! The children will begin to link sounds to letters, allowing children to read words and simple sentences; experiencing an increasing range of books; writing their own names and forming letters of the alphabet correctly. Children shall learn their letters/sounds and high-frequency words through their daily ‘Read Write Inc’ phonics sessions and then we will aid the children to transfer these skills into their reading and writing.


In FS2 we will be practising and using our mathematical skills in familiar contexts (e.g. role-play, construction, sand, play dough etc.) to give us meaning to numbers and counting. The children will be working towards recognising and forming numbers to 10; beginning to match numeral and quantity, in practical activities, beginning to use the vocabulary involved in adding; and beginning to explore shape, space, and measure.

Mrs Wilkinson's Videos

Story Time! Henry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Story Time! The Gingerbread Man

Story Time! Supertato

Story Time! All in One Piece

Story Time! Commotion in the Ocean

Story Time! What the Ladybird Heard Next

Singing with Mrs Wilkinson

Story Time! Mad About Minibeasts!

Introduction and Days of the Week Song

Story Time! The Cave

Story Time! Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Story Time! Jack and the Beanstalk

Story Time! The Singing Mermaid

Singing with Mrs Wilkinson

Story Time! What the Ladybird Heard

Story Time! Sugarlump and the Unicorn

Story Time! The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Weather Song

Story Time! Monkey Puzzle