Welcome to Foundation Stage 1!

Mrs Wilkinson’s Videos

Story Time! The Gingerbread Man

Story Time! Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Story Time! Supertato

Story Time! Jack and the Beanstalk

Story Time! All in One Piece

Story Time! The Singing Mermaid

Story Time! Commotion in the Ocean

Singing with Mrs Wilkinson

Story Time! What the Ladybird Heard Next

Story Time! What the Ladybird Heard

Singing with Mrs Wilkinson

Story Time! Sugarlump and the Unicorn

Story Time! Mad About Minibeasts!

Story Time! The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Introduction and Days of the Week Song

Weather Song

Story Time! The Cave

Story Time! Monkey Puzzle

Welcome to Aston Lodge Nursery from Mrs Nurse, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Moore.

In Nursery we work hard to create a happy and safe environment that enables the children to become confident and independent learners.

We work together with you to ensure a smooth transition from home into Nursery. Parents are welcome at the start of all our sessions to complete an activity. This also gives us an opportunity to talk informally and work together to provide the best care and education for your child.

We plan an exciting and challenging curriculum based on our observations of children’s needs, interests, and stages of development. We plan for a balance of adult and child initiated experiences – all based on learning through play.

Our curriculum is based on the National Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Sessions are planned to ensure opportunities for development in the seven areas of development which are:

Areas of Learning and Development Aspect
Prime Areas
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Making relationships
Self-confidence and awareness
Managing feelings and behaviour
Physical Development Moving and handling
Health and self-care
Communication and Language Listening and attention
Specific Areas
Literacy Reading
Mathematics Numbers
Shape, space and measures
Understanding the World People and communities
The world
Expressive Arts and Design Exploring and using media and materials
Being imaginative

As well as these areas of development, we look at the different ways in which children learn. The EYFS lays out the Characteristics of Effective Learning. When planning activities we aim to reflect the different ways in which children learn.


Characteristics of Effective Learning
Playing and exploring – engagement Active learning – motivation Creating and thinking critically – thinking
Finding and exploring

Playing with what they know

Being willing to have a go

Being involved and concentrating

Keeping trying

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Having their own ideas

Making links

Choosing ways to do things


We want all our children to develop a love of books and we plan a lot of our work around stories. The children can chose a library book each week to take home and share with you.

Early phonics skills are taught through Phase One of Letters and Sounds which focuses on developing the children’s listening skills, vocabulary and speaking skills. In Phase 1 phonics, children are taught about:


  • Environmental sounds
  • Instrumental sounds
  • Body percussion (e.g. clapping and stamping)
  • Rhythm and rhyme
  • Alliteration
  • Voice sounds
  • Oral blending and segmenting (e.g. hearing that d-o-g makes ‘dog’)

Typical activities for teaching Phase 1 phonics include listening walks, playing and identifying instruments, action songs, learning rhymes and playing games like I Spy.

Developing a Love for Reading

In Foundation Stage One we want to encourage the children to develop a love for reading.

Here are some of the things we do to promote this:

Success For All
In school we follow a programme called ‘Success for All’.  Each week in FS1 we work around a different theme. During the theme we read
many stories and books that are linked. Children are encouraged to relate stories to their own experiences and answer a range of questions about them.  After each story has been read a picture of it is placed on our Story Tree – creating a lovely record of all the books we have shared!

Bedtime Stories
We encourage all children to have a bed time story each night with a family member. This is a lovely time for you to bond with your child and it also helps the children to develop their vocabulary, make predictions, talk about their own experiences and answer a range of questions about characters, settings and plots.

We send out a ‘Bedtime Story Chart’ each week where you can log the books you have read. If the children return it at the end of the week and they have read at least five times they receive a raffle ticket in our golden bag. The winner drawn receives a lovely book.

Adopt a Bedtime Story Pet
The children can adopt a bedtime story pet to share their bedtime story with each night – these are available in Nursery.

By the entrance in Nursery there is a library. The children can choose books to take home as often as they like. We just ask that you sign them out.

Stories from Home
We encourage the children to bring stories in from home regularly – this may be linked to a theme we are covering or for a specific event.

Stay and Read
Every Wednesday morning we have our ‘Stay and Read’ Session when you are welcome to join us 8.50-9.25am and share books with your child. We will also have other reading activities on offer.

Curiosity Corner

In FS1 we have started a new exciting programme called ‘Curiosity Corner’. This is part of the ‘Success For All’ programme that the children follow in school.

Each week we will be following a theme. The activities on offer in Nursery will be linked to the theme along with our carpet and small focus group work. You can find out more information in the document below (which was sent out before the February half term).

You can also find our ‘Home Link’, ‘Focus Overview’ and ‘Vocabulary List’ linked to our first theme ‘Ways to say I love you’.

Latest News

Parent Views

Really happy with how well Harrison has settled into Nursery and how well Harrison’s development has come on. Harrison loves coming to school and has made lots of friends. Thank you so much to everyone for helping Harrison settle.

Harry has settled in really well and we have been so happy with his progress. We feel he is becoming more sociable and confident and is recognising letters and numbers more. He always speaks really positively about Nursery and his experiences.

Tahlia enjoys coming to Nursery and often asks if she is going on her days off! She has made some new friends and tells me they play together. Her name writing has been such a great skill for her to pick up. She shows me at home how to write her name.

Amity loves coming to school, she is always asking if she is going to school tomorrow. She has made so many friends and her confidence has grown. She acts out her day when she gets home, pretending to be the teacher doing carpet time. She loves reading stories and singing. She has learnt so much since starting here.

Ethan still loves ‘blue school’ as he calls it! He is always very excited when he gets up on days when he is coming. Ethan will talk about what he has been doing and about his friends. He seems to like that new children joined in January and we tell he is making new friends.

Kira-Grace has settled into Nursery really well. She loves coming to Nursery. She’s always telling me about her day in Nursery and the people she plays with. She has learnt so much while she has been in Nursery. I’m really proud of her.

Charley-Rose loves coming to Nursery. I think she is learning a lot and always comes home talking about what she has done in Nursery.

We are very proud of Jensen-James’ achievements, he is learning and progressing every day and is thriving with all the support given from all staff.

Layla loves coming to Nursery, she talks about which friends she has been playing with each day. She is always singing the songs she has been singing at Nursery.