Year 3/4

Welcome to Hazel Class!

We are particularly excited about welcoming you to Hazel class when we all get together in 2020/2021. Mrs Howarth-Smith and Mrs Read will both be teaching the class for part of the week. We will be working together and sharing the work that you have done with each of us. Mrs French will be in class with you every day to support your learning.

Meet your Teachers

Hello! Our names are Mrs Howarth-Smith and Mrs Read, we are your Class Teachers.

Mrs Howarth-Smith has been teaching at Aston Lodge for a very long time and has even taught some of the parents in school!!! She is looking forward to seeing you all in KS2 and can’t wait to teach you. Mrs Read has been teaching at Aston Lodge for 5 years and is also looking forward to seeing you all in our new class. Some of you will have been in our classes before and will already know us well.

AHowarth-Smith - Teacher and SENCO-min

Mrs Howarth-Smith

JFrench - Teaching Assistant-min

Mrs French

Hello! My name is Mrs French and I am your Teaching Assistant.

Mrs French has four children who all came to Aston Lodge. She has worked at Aston Lodge for a number of years. She has taught all of you in Y3 and 4 before and is looking forward to seeing how you have grown in independence as you have got older.

Our New Learning

We will be continuing your learning journey for Maths and English and will help you to fill in any gaps in your learning due to the school closure.

Our topic for the Autumn Term is ‘Our Wonderful Earth,’ and we will be covering lots of Science and Geography.

In the Spring Term, our topic is a mainly History topic called ‘The Vikings.’ In the Summer term, we will be learning about Rainforests.

Class Information

PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon and a Thursday morning. The Thursday morning session will be provided by PE specialists from the trust. Please bring both indoor and outdoor PE kits and remove earrings on these days. Music will be provided by Music specialists from the trust and will be on a Thursday morning after PE.