Year 5/6M

Welcome to Year 5/6M!

Teacher – Mrs Morton

Welcome.  I am Mrs Morton and our teaching assistant is Mrs Dean. We hope to encourage our class how to ‘Show Pride and Reach for the stars!’

We use the interactive Class Dojo app to share learning experiences, photographs of learning, messages and information about the curriculum with parents and carers each week. If you would like to find out more about learning at Aston Lodge please see your class teacher for log information and log on to your Class Dojo thread here: Class Dojo



We will be continuing the topic of World War 2. To support our historic learning of this, we will be reading Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo as our novel study. Set in 1943 Lily Tregenza lives on a farm, in the idyllic seaside village of Slapton. Her life is scarcely touched by the war until one day Lily and her family, along with all of the other villagers, are told to move out of their homes – lock, stock and barrel.


Our science topic will be Light where the children will learn:

  • to recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines
  • use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye
  • explain that we see things because light travels from light sources to our eyes or from light sources to objects and then to our eyes
  • use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them



Year 6 will have two sessions of PE – one on orienteering and one on tennis.  Our PE slots are currently on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Please ensure your child has their indoor kit, consisting of dark shorts and a white t-shirt plus their outdoor kit – trainers and track suit when the weather gets colder, as we try to have PE lessons outside as long as weather permits. Children with pierced ears will need to be able to take out their own earrings or alternately not come in earrings on P.E. days. Long hair will need to be tied back with a bobble. PE kit needs bringing to school on a Monday and left in school until Friday as occasionally PE times have to be changed. Could you please make sure that if your child is unable to take part in PE through illness they have a signed note?



Your child will be involved in reading sessions as part of English lessons.  In addition to this your child will bring home an appropriate banded accelerated reading book for their level as soon as they have successfully completed a book related quiz.  Following this the child can change their reading book. The star quizzes which are carried out once every half term determine the range of books your child can access.



Homework comprises of learning weekly spellings, reading (please see below), practising recalling/ learning X tables and a mix of maths/English written homework from the revision guides for reading, maths and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar).

Attached is a photocopy of topic optional homework which your child is welcome to complete if they so wish – this is entirely OPTIONAL.



I really can’t impress enough the importance of your child reading regularly at home. It is a basic expectation that your child will read at least 3 times a week. Your child will be expected to read three mini booklets each three pages long and answer at least nine pages of questions, in their 60 minutes reading SAT’s test in May. Therefore, they really need regular practise at reading to increase their reading speed as well as their comprehension skills.



Spellings will be given on a Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday.  Spellings will be linked to a spelling rule or they will be words from the year 5/6 spelling list. It is important that your child knows how to read and spell the words given but equally as important he/she knows how to use the words within a context i.e. what each word means and how it is used within a sentence.

Please feel free to arrange a personal meeting after school if you need to discuss your child or any others issues, worries, questions or ways in which you can help us help your child.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Mrs Morton and Mrs Dean

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