Attendance Target

The Attendance target for the 2016-2017 school year is 96.0%

Attendance and Punctuality Monitoring Process

  • Attendance and Punctuality are recorded on a daily basis.
  • Parents or carers must contact the school to advise if your child will not be attending and to explain the reason, for example, illness, medical appointment or holiday. This will then be recorded on your child’s record.
  • If we have not been informed of a reason the school office will attempt to contact parent or carers to ascertain the reason. If contact is not made the child will be recorded as having an unauthorised absence.
  • If a child is late for school the reason for lateness will be recorded on the child’s record along with the amount of school time missed.
  • Levels of attendance and punctuality are periodically monitored and discussed with the Educational Welfare Officers from the Local Authority. If absence or punctuality falls below an acceptable level the following stages will be actioned accordingly.

Stage 1

A letter will be sent to the parents or carers advising that the attendance & punctuality has fallen below the Government target levels.  It will request that you seek to improve this level. The school will continue to monitor.

Stage 2

If no significant improvement is seen a letter will be sent to parents or carers advising of this. Improvement will be requested again and school will continue to monitor.

Stage 3

If no significant improvement is seen a letter will be sent to parent or carers advising that a meeting has been arranged with the Head of School to discuss the matter.

Stage 4

If no significant improvement is seen school will involve other agencies, for example, the Educational Welfare Officer, which may lead to fines.