Art & Design

At Aston Lodge Primary School, we feel it is important for children to develop as creative and imaginative people. We believe that creativity helps us to deal with the unexpected, think flexible, take risks, use information in new ways, and be innovative individuals.  We teach art through investigation and experimentation through building children’s knowledge of different media and techniques and allow them the time to explore possibilities. This form of art teaching benefits all children this is because it encourages a can-do approach to learning, allows every child to feel successful as an artist. Our aim is to encourage independence and equip our children with the creative skills they need to express themselves effectively. We use a variety of teaching and learning styles in our work. This is achieved through whole-class teaching, group/paired activities and individual work. In all classes, there are children of differing abilities and through the effective use of differentiation/ support/ challenge, we can build on skills to ensure maximum engagement and progress. AFL strategies are used within lessons to inform future planning and maximise learning. This approach is delivered through the Planit scheme of work.

Art is a valued subject of the Curriculum in our school and great emphasis is given to the presentation of children’s work.  The children are given the opportunity to undertake a balanced programme of Art, Craft and Design activities. The children are also given opportunity to evaluate their own and others work. We take pride in children’s art work and this is celebrated by displaying the children’s art work through whole school displays in our school hall.