Design Technology

Design and Technology is taught with a cross-curricular approach and we always try to link the children’s learning to other subjects by drawing on their knowledge of science, literacy, ICT and maths. Children will often produce creative writing about the products that they have created and conduct science investigations to test the materials and structure of their design.

At KS1 pupils are encouraged to develop an understanding of their product audience by focusing on their needs, wants, values, interests and preferences. We also aim to help children develop an ability to clearly communicate the purpose of the products they are designing so that they can creatively make products that fulfil a purpose.

In KS2, we offer the same approach whilst also aiming to provide pupils’ with opportunities to make their own design decisions. Where possible, KS2 children are encouraged to spot gaps in the market so they can show off their original thinking. This gives the children an open-ended starting point for their learning so that they can design products that have a real life purpose.

Design Technology aims to develop those skills and abilities in children which enable them to interact with the man-made environment.  We give them opportunities to design and make products for a variety of purposes.  Children are encouraged to choose the most appropriate materials and then evaluate the finished product. This approach is supported through the Planit scheme of work.