Our history curriculum ensures that children have an understanding of chronology, detailing how people’s lives have shaped this nation and how Britain has influenced and been influenced by the wider world. At Aston Lodge Primary School, we understand that children need to learn significant facts from different periods in history but believe it is much more important to develop skills through historical enquiry and questioning. This means that, from a very young age, our children are thinking their way through historical problems by asking and framing questions, undertaking research, making judgments and then effectively communicating their answers.

Staff always endeavour to make historical learning fun and interactive including; first-hand experiences, historical costume re-enactments, experts in their field and genuine historical artefacts. Children are encouraged to use their understanding of people, events and time periods in history to develop their writing skills, adding depth and flair to their written work.

To ensure high quality lessons, resources and a creative, cross-curricular approach teachers use the Planit scheme of work to compliment the delivery of the curriculum and to follow the long term skills progression and key lines of enquiry plans developed in collaboration across the WPT.