At Aston Lodge, we believe that learning a language enables children to develop their language and communication skills, develop their linguistic abilities and gain knowledge of how language works. It is also vital that children are aware of the multilingual and multicultural world, giving them an insight into other cultures. Nationally, it is statutory that children learn a language from Year 3. At Aston Lodge, our children have the opportunity to learn a language when they begin FS2. All children receive weekly MFL lessons taking a themed approach half termly, using the Planit scheme of work. This is used flexibly to follow the long term skills progression plans developed in collaboration across the WPT.

This enables our children to receive high-quality language teaching. We learn through games, memorising, songs, videos and role-play.

Children are taught how to:

  • Ask and answer questions
  • Memorise words, often using a strategy
  • Understand meaning
  • Use dictionaries
  • Communicate with each other in a different language
  • Write from simple words and phrases to sentences/short paragraphs in French

For further information please see the attached documents.