“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Multimedia and Presentation with Holly Class šŸ’»

Holly class have been learning how to make and use powerpoints as part of their computing learning on ‘Multimedia and Presentation’. On Friday the children enjoyed using a Powerpoint Presentation on L.S Lowry’s work on the Industrial Revolution. šŸ–Œ As part of their exploration, the children created an image on a slide which involved copying […]

French Day at Aston Lodge

The children and staff at Aston Lodge enjoyed an amazing French-filled day: dressing in red, blue and white; having a KS2 switch around learning about countries who speak French, French landmarks and playing French games outside; and also having a French-themed dinner menu. We then finished off the day with a movie night after school […]

First Aid with Holly Class šŸ„

Holly class enjoyed working with Sam, a qualified first aider, last week. šŸ©¹ SamĀ wasĀ helpingĀ the childrenĀ train to reactĀ to possible fractures and fainting. The children understood the key messages of ‘keep it still’ when dealing with a fracture and ‘speak out if you feel you may faint’ when feeling like you may faint. The children learned how […]