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This year our school council decided to hold a ‘wear pyjamas to school’ day to raise money for Children in Need.

Ellis  Y6

Cerys Y6

Georgia Y5

Callum Y5

Finley Y4

Libby Y4

Matthew Y3

Alex Y3

Charley Y2

Isobel Y2

Sarina Secretary

Sofia Secretary

School Council Projects

Project Homework incentive
Term Autumn 1
Councillors Isobel Fletcher (yr6), Laylan Betts (yr6), Jessica Turner (yr5), Cole Haywood (yr5), Charlie Jepson (yr4), Maddison McKay (yr3), Alana Krukowski-Roebuck (yr2), Luke Middleton (yr3), Leila Hush (yr1), Ethan Watson (yr2)
What needs to be?

  • Decide on expectations for homework (teacher & pupil voice)
  • Decide how it will be communicated to parents and pupils
  • Decide what the criteria will be to achieve the reward
  • Decide on the incentive e.g. prizes
  • Decide on a name for the incentive
Who will do it?

  • Student council will get pupil voice
  • Teachers and SLT will discuss expectations, how it will be monitored etc.
  • Student council & HT will meet to discuss above and decide on final criteria and expectations
When should it be done by?

  • Launched at the end of Autumn 2 to be implemented in Spring


  • Student Council collaborate to write a letter to parents to tell them about the school tuck shop and how it will support in funding the homework incentive ‘Strive for Pride’
  • Student councillors will run it within each classroom
  • Tuck shop will run every Friday afternoon after Pride Assembly


Agenda: Homework Incentive

Expectations: Home Learning completed either English or Maths and handed in on time each week

Completed LCWC spelling sheet

Timetables/Rock Stars accessed

Launch: Booklet made and sent home, MYEd, class dojo and website last week of term Autumn 2

Criteria: Achieve home learning expectation every week half termly to get the half-termly class reward, achieve over a full term entered for a raffle to win a prize of their choice, achieve for the whole year to receive end of year reward

Incentive/prize: Decided by the winner ideas shared by councillors; DVD, bike, scooter, piano lessons, karate lesson, McDonalds, bowling, we decided the prize would depend on the winner and what they wanted in terms of a toy, day out, hobbies, etc.

Name: Strive for Pride

Quotes from councillors;

“Maybe we could get some new supplies for school because we all have to have our own things now,” Charlie Jepson. (year 4)

“I would say 5 times a week to read, the more we read the better we get,” Leila. (year 1)

“I would definitely get a bike, I would never miss my homework, I really need a bike,” Ethan. (year 2)

“I think it will get people doing their homework,” Jessica. (year 5)

“I would like to do piano lessons, I could ask my mum if I could carry on doing it after they run out,” Laylan. (year 6)

“We could do a school tuck shop to help pay for it,” Isobel, (year 6)