School Council

At Aston Lodge, our student council is democratically voted for at the start of every academic year. The process is taken very seriously; pupils will write a letter of application, prepare a speech and a manifesto for their peers. The student council are elected based on their superb qualities to represent their class and the whole school community.

At Aston Lodge Primary School we keep the children at the heart of everything that we do and value the opinion of our pupils. Pupil’s are encouraged to share their ideas and be involved in the decision making in school.

This years student council representatives are;

We have recently elected the children below as our school council members.

The school council will update you all with their excellent work throughout the year!


Promoting Democracy in School


Summer Term 2


Isobel Fletcher (yr6), Laylan Betts (yr6), Jessica Turner (yr5), Cole Haywood (yr5), Charlie Jepson (yr4), Maddison McKay (yr3), Alana Krukowski-Roebuck (yr2), Luke Middleton (yr3), Leila Hush (yr1), Ethan Watson (yr2)

What needs to be done?

  • Following a BFV assembly discussing democracy the councilors decided that this was an area they wanted to develop further in school
  • Check other pupil’s understand democracy following the assembly
  • How is democracy already used in school?
  • How can we promote it further?
  • What do the other pupils want?


Who will do it?

  • Student council will get pupil voice
  • Student council to share their findings with Mrs Cronin
  • Student council & HT will meet to discuss above and decide on how this will be introduced


What has been decided?

  • Class trophies will be introduced for a star pupil for each class
  • Pupils will vote for the pupil they think deserves it at the end of each half term and will need to explain their reasons why


When should it be done by?

  • Launched in September

Trophy Winners

Hazel Class – Owen Osborne

 Quotes from pupils please

“Owen works well in his maths jotter and does very good writing” (Ewan)

|”Owen is always ready for learning, as soon as he gets his book it is opened and he gets started straight away with his work.” (Ava)

|”He’s always doing what he’s supposed to do” (Finlay).

“He is one of the always children whenever you look at him he is always doing what he should be doing. he settles down to reading first thing in the morning and works hard with all of his work.” (Jasmin)

Holly Class – Elizabeth Buckley

“Elizabeth always shows respect towards her peers and she listens to their worries.” (Jessica).

“Elizabeth is always kind at playtimes and lunchtimes.” (Dylan)

“Elizabeth always works hard in lessons and never distracts anyone.” (Travis)

“Elizabeth always has good manners.” (Maisey)