“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

School Council

Meet our School Council


I love being at school and my favourite lessons are phonics and playing in provision. I like yellow and pink. My favourite stories are the Pearcy the Park Keeper stories. I want to help on the student council and get more books for foundation.


When I am at school I like to be good and listen to my teachers. My favourite learning is maths and reading. My favourite story is Aliens love underpants. I want to help other children in my class.


I am super excited to be part of the school council this year. At school I love writing and playing with my friends. At home I love to go riding on my scooter and I love to dance and read. As a school councillor I want to make people feel welcome to our school.


My favourite story is Thomas the Tank engine. My favourite lesson in school is maths and I love to play on the trim trail with my friends. I wanted to be a school councillor so that I can help others in my class.


My favourite thing at school is PE. I love dancing, football and going to tea club. I really enjoy our outdoor equipment especially the trim trail. My favourite book is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. I want to be on the school council to be able to help others.


My favourite thing about school is reading and going to writing club. I love to ride my scooter to school and playing with my friends at playtime. I wanted to be part of the school council so that I could help other children.


My name is Emmie and outside of school I love to go dancing and I also love to read. My favourite book is Matilda by Roald Dahl. My favourite sport to watch is basketball. I wanted to part of the school council so that we can get some new and exciting books for school.


I am excited to be chosen as a school council member by my class. I really love maths at school, I enjoying looking for patterns in numbers. When I am at home I love playing on my Xbox and reading stories like Captain Underpants. I want to be on school council to help my friends in school.


My favourite thing about school is the friends that I have in my class. My favourite subject is Maths and I really enjoy science too. My favourite teacher that I had at school was Miss Cotrill. My favourtie story is Beast Quest. I want to be a school councillor to make school better.


My name is Ellie and I am super excited to be a councillor. I love to do pantomimes and dancing. I am a really good singer and my favourite colour is lavender or any kind of purple. My favourite story to read is Dork Diarys. I want to be a school councillor so I can help to make decisions about our school.


I enjoy all subjects at school as they are fun and educational. I have a variety of favourtie foods such as Sunday dinners, noodles and my packed lunches. I enjoy how our lessons are interactive and encouraging. My favourite book series is Warrior Cat. I wanted to be on the school council to be part of decision making and help school improve.


My favourite thing at school is playing with my friends. My favourite food is cheese sandwiches and I love taking part in PE. My favourite colour is black and outside of school I love to take part in coding activities. I wanted to be part of the school council to be able to encourage more people to begin to learn how to code.

At Aston Lodge, our student council is democratically voted for at the start of every academic year. The process is taken very seriously; pupils will write a letter of application, prepare a speech and a manifesto for their peers. The student council are elected based on their superb qualities to represent their class and the whole school community.

At Aston Lodge Primary School we keep the children at the heart of everything that we do and value the opinion of our pupils. Pupil’s are encouraged to share their ideas and be involved in the decision making in school.


Wickersley Partnership Trust Student Council

Wickersley Partnership Trust recognises the importance of listening and responding to ‘student voice’ to help shape improvements to the school.

Each Trust school has a representative group of students (School Councillors), elected by their peers, who form the ‘School Council’. They play an active role in school – organising events, raising issues and representing the views of their peers with Senior Leaders in the school.

Each School Councillor runs an ‘election campaign’ annually and their classmates vote for their new class representatives – this is democracy in action!

Wickersley Partnership Trust believes School Councils develop its core values including cooperation, mutual respect and a commitment to diversity and equality.

Wickersley Partnership Trust has a ‘Trust Council’ which has elected representatives from each of the school-based Councils, likewise, they help shape improvements to the Trust.

The Trust Council meets once every half term at rotating venues across the Trust. During these meetings, the students discuss Trust priorities – what’s going well already, and what we could do better in our schools and School Councils.

Charity fundraising is a key aspect of the Trust Council too – the Representatives come up with joint ideas on how we – as a Trust – can ramp up our charitable efforts.

At the end of each meeting, the Trust Council sets an agenda for the School Councils and how they’re going to move forward with their fantastic new ideas.

All minutes from the meetings will be shared with the Student Body by Trust Council Representatives and on Wickersley Partnership Trust’s website.

The Junior and Senior Trust Councils will also meet once a year at a leadership summit.

The Trust Council Representatives for 2022/23 are: 

  • Olli-Scott – Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School
  • Ava – Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School
  • Evie – Aston Hall Junior & Infant School
  • George – Aston Hall Junior & Infant School
  • Ava – Aston Lodge Primary School
  • Maisie – Aston Lodge Junior & Infant School
  • Max – Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School
  • Ellie – Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School
  • Charlie – Foljambe Primary School
  • Agata – Foljambe Primary School
  • Leighton – Monkwood Primary School
  • Talia-Mai – Monkwood Primary School
  • Mason – Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School
  • Rhia – Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School
  • Alexa-Mai – Thrybergh Primary School
  • Haneen – Thrybergh Primary School
  • Vine – Clifton Community School
  • Rigersa – Clifton Community School
  • Saleh – Clifton Community School
  • Abigail – Rawmarsh Community School
  • Amy – Rawmarsh Community School
  • Lucas  – The Gainsborough Academy
  • Imogen – The Gainsborough Academy
  • Mustafa – Thrybergh Academy
  • Kodi – Thrybergh Academy
  • Gayatheri – Wickersley School & Sports College
  • Kelsie – Wickersley School & Sports College
  • Harry – Wickersley School & Sports College

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