Mental Health Ambassadors

What are the aims of the Wellbeing Ambassadors at Aston Lodge Primary School?

  • To spread kindness throughout school
  • To promote ‘With Me In Mind’ via assemblies/posters
  • To make sure that everyone in school knows who we are
  • To give children the opportunity to attend a mindfulness colouring group
  • To talk to teachers about mental health.
  • Attend well-being ambassador events and collaborate with other well-being ambassadors to share ideas and good practice

Here’s what our Ambassadors had to say:

I wanted to be well-being ambassador because I am kind and caring and I like to help others. My tip for positive mental health and well-being is to make sure everyone in school is happy and they know who they can speak to if they are upset.

I wanted to be a well-being ambassador because I like to help people with problems. It would also make me feel better because I am making peoples’ lives better. I also think that it is important that everyone takes care of their mental health.