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An Anti- Bullying Ambassador is someone who works to try to tackle bullying within school. At Aston Lodge, our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are trained by The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign. Their role is to work together as a team to help educate their peers on bullying, lead on anti-bullying campaigns, promote a culture which celebrates and tolerates difference and help keep their peers safe both online and offline.

What is bullying?

The Diana Award defines bullying behaviour as:

“Repeated, negative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe.”

If you feel you are being bullied, always speak to one of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors or your teacher. Never suffer in silence.

Meet our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


I became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I don’t like bullying or people being unkind to each other. As an Ambassador, I would like to change how people think of bullying and be someone for my friends to talk to if they are upset.


I became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I thoroughly enjoy helping people and caring for people. As an Ambassador, I would like to change the perception of what perceive to be bullying.


I wanted to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I want everyone in school to be kind to each other and to be happy to be at school.


I wanted to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I like helping and caring for people. I want to be the friend that people in school come too if they need a friend or someone to talk too.


I wanted to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I want to help the world. I want to help people in my school. If someone in my school feels like they’re being bullied then I want to help them and tell a Teacher.


I wanted to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador because I wanted to help people who are feeling sad and upset because I want everyone in our school to feel happy and be kind to each other.

ABA Powerpoint

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been very busy working together to create a PowerPoint to deliver to their peers during afternoon assembly. Their PowerPoint explains who they are, why they became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and informs and educates their peers on the types of bullying behaviour. Please see their PowerPoint below.

Latest News

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors delivered an assembly to the school explaining who they are, what bullying is and how they can help their peers in and around school if they feel sad or lonely. As part of their Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Programme, our ambassadors are aiming to achieve the Online Safety Badge. To achieve this badge, our Ambassadors created a ‘Anti-Bullying Poster Competition’ to promote kindness and spread awareness on bullying. 
Our Ambassadors worked as a team to judge the competition entries. Congratulations to our competition winners Kayla and Junior! 

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