RE & Ethics

The school offers Religious Education as part of its broad and balanced curriculum and is broadly Christian in its outlook – but the school has no affiliations with any specific religious denomination.

Religious Education contributes to the development of all young people to become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society. At Aston Lodge Primary School, we endeavour to provide opportunities for learners to explore and respond to different religions, including Christianity and other principal religions in the United Kingdom. We follow Rotherham scheme of work, supported by the Planit scheme and resources.

We help children to develop an understanding of the different beliefs, values and traditions within our culture. Every aspect of our Religious Education celebrates and respects cultures that hold views which are different to their own. This process helps the children to develop an awareness of other’s beliefs and ways of life, in a positive environment that is based on mutual respect.

The children learn about the many different faiths from around the world and follow a locally agreed syllabus. RE is taught through a number of themes common to each religion including places of worship, celebrations, holy books, stories and religious artefacts. The aim is to develop and foster a better understanding and empathy for the views and faiths of other world religions. RE in school is supported by the local ‘RE Team’ who deliver half termly, whole school assemblies on Christian themes.