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Year 5 Aston Academy Visit

Last week, Year 5 visited Aston Academy as part of their early transition support.
Mr Esberger, Assistant Vice Principal of the Academy, showed the children around the school before setting the children a science/DT challenge to make a raft able to hold up to 15 grams in weight.
The children were all provided with the same resources: two pieces of card, two corks, some aluminium foil, 6 wooden lollipop sticks and sellotape. It was up to them to work in pairs to create a raft capable of holding ‘as many people as possible’ ( 1 gram weight = 1 person).
All the children thoroughly engaged in the task and worked successfully to produce a raft which held at least 5 grams of weight.
Some pairs even managed to equal the top score of their raft holding an impressive 15 grams and one pair, Maddie and Courtney, succeeded in surpassing it by producing a raft which held an amazing 19grams!
Now Aston Lodge are the current holders for the raft challenge which all Y5 children  from feeder schools take part in!
Way to go Year 5! 👏
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