The 'With me in Mind' Team have worked with the children to discuss their feelings and emotions and how they can remove worries through a Worry Monster. We recently held a parent workshop for the children to help them create their very own Worry Monster.

In Phonics we have started back at the beginning of our Set 1 sounds. We are now focusing on reading and writing a CVC word containing our sound of the day as well as formation. In phonics this week we are recapping d, t, i, n. In English, we are discussing Remembrance Day. We will […]

FS1/2 have been learning all about Africa and the book, Handa's surprise. We took part in various activities using the fruits we had found in Handa's basket. We created some fun and exciting prints from the fruits using paints and we planned a fruit tasting session where the children got to try fruits such as [...]
In Art, the children have been learning their primary colours red, blue and yellow. We have learnt how to mix primary colours together to make our secondary colours green, orange and purple with powder paints. We have used our colour mixing knowledge to create our own paintings during continuous provision.
In Art, we have been looking at the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky and one of his most recognisable pieces of artwork Farbstudie Quadrate also known as 'Squares with Concentric Circles'. The children have practised their colour mixing skills learnt from our previous art lessons and attempted their own paintings in the style of Kandinsky.
Today we were visited by Premier Martial Arts. We were very lucky to be able to take part in an introduction to martial arts. We looked at different skills and had to demonstrate some of them we had learnt, which were teamwork, focus, control, coordination, fitness, balance, discipline, and memory! We had so much fun, [...]

A big well done to Willow! Willow has reached her 150 Dojo Points! Well done, we are both so proud of you.

Lots of our children in Little Oaks have been working so hard! All these children have reached their 100 Dojo Points! Well done to Mia, Sophie, Joshua, Sidney, and Indianna, we are both so proud of you all.

This week our PRIDE superstar is Jacob! This week our PRIDE superstar is Jacob! He has shown involvement and effort in his phonics lessons, resilience, and perseverance with his reading and he’s beginning to become more confident with blending CVC words. He has also learnt all of his set 1 sounds and is now learning […]

This week, Harry, Ella, Jacob, and Indianna have received their 50 Dojo points certificate. Well done, we are so proud of you!