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F1 & F2 Celebrate Eid

Little Oaks have recently been learning about Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr as well as why it is important to Muslims who celebrate, including Miss Woodger who had been fasting for the holy month. The children have enjoyed reading the Mr. Men story ‘Happy Eid’ and learning with Miss Woodger about the different traditions that take place during the lead up to Eid from breaking the fast with dates, the types of decorations Muslims use in their homes, to traditional henna patterns.

On Monday, Little Oaks hosted an Eid party to celebrate with Miss Woodger. This included the children trying a range of traditional foods that may be eaten on this special occasion such as dates, pakoras, naan, samosas, rice and luqaimat (arabic donuts). The children thoroughly enjoyed trying new foods and celebrating the day together with dancing and party games.
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