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Family Activities at Aston Lodge

Families and children in Year 3 and 4 recently took part in our family learning event “Clockmaking”. 
This exciting family learning session saw families create their very own working clock.  A clock mechanism was assembled and attached  to a wooden clock face.
Families  then used the decoupage art technique and various embellishments to decorate the clock with a theme of their own choice. This included, Dinosaurs, Flowers, Mermaids, Animals and more.
A lovely creative activity that will support children to learn how to tell the time!
Families and children in Key Stage 1 also took part in our family learning event “Out of this World”. 
This lovely creative Family Learning session brought children and their families together to design and create a friendly 3D Alien.
Children designed and built their 3D Character using a range of art and craft techniques, and then explored some basic design technology skills to add a gear powered mechanism to enable it to turn.
Our friendly Alien’s were definitely ‘Out Of This World’!!!
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