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Lenny the Letter and Penny the Parcel visit Aston Lodge

On Wednesday, Ash and Beech class had a very exciting visit from the post office. It began with them talking about the careers there are and who can work for the Royal Mail.

The children learnt about the technology used in letter and parcel sorting machines and the transport used to deliver the letters we send.

We learnt that they use trains, vans, electric buggies, planes and boats to transport our letters. After this, we were introduced to Lenny the letter and Penny the parcel who spoke to the children about stamps and why the face on them has changed recently.

Some of our children were chosen to be packaged up and sent across the world! With the children learning what each coloured sack means and how long it would take them to get there.

We then played some fun guessing games of where certain letters were going. The children were fabulous at guessing addresses such as 42 Wallaby Way, 17 Cherry Tree Lane and Buckingham Palace.

We were then lucky enough to see one of the Royal Mail vans our letters get sent in. The children had such a wonderful time and have learnt a lot more about the Royal Mail and what happens to our post.

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