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Aston Lodge receives ‘Good with Outstanding Elements’ Ofsted Rating

Aston Lodge Primary School is proud to announce their recent Ofsted inspection has graded the school as ‘good with outstanding behaviour, attitudes and personal development’. We could not have achieved this without the support of our students, parents, staff and Wickersley Partnership Trust.


The rating recognises the dedication of the staff to provide an excellent environment for the students to learn and grow, and that the school is committed to the Aston Lodge Way to do the absolute best for all the students who attend Aston Lodge. Our Headteacher and Leadership Team are determined and driven to ensure that all the students receive the highest quality education, and this has transformed the school and the environment the children learn in. 


The behaviour of our students has been described as exemplary – they understand what is expected of them, and the atmosphere across the school is calm and orderly. Students are learning and playing together; they’re cooperative, share well and are always encouraging to one another. Students are confident that there is support if they ever felt in a position where they were being bullied, but are happy that bullying does not occur at Aston Lodge Primary School. 


Since the last inspection, Leadership has transformed the school with a well-organised and ambitious curriculum, and are making regular checks to ensure our children clearly understand what they have learnt and can see how it fits into the bigger picture. 


Our inclusivity has been recognised by the Ofsted inspection, saying we meet the needs of our SEND students and ensure they are able to learn alongside fellow students, with personalised resources to help them access learning in ways that suit them and help them to achieve well.


The ‘good’ rating is truly a testament to all the hard work put into the school to improve the grading from the previous inspection, and is a success for the local community too.


Sarah Cronin, Headteacher at Aston Lodge Primary School said, “I am so proud of everything Aston Lodge Primary School has achieved over the last few years. We are dedicated to our students and are passionate about their learning environments, how they learn and how they can go out in to the real world ready and able to play their full part in it. The staff at the school and Wickersley Partnership Trust have worked tirelessly to give our students the education they deserve and that’s something that we, and the community of Aston, should be very proud of.”


Helen O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer of Wickersley Partnership Trust said, “We are incredibly proud of the journey Aston Lodge has been on over the last few years. It is fantastic to see pupils speaking positively about their education, participating in and valuing the many opportunities available outside the classroom.

“The feedback from parents during the inspection was overwhelmingly positive.

“Everyone should be immensely proud of the school’s achievements.”

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